Sustainability Policy

In these times when there is so much talk about sustainability and social responsibility, we can tend to forget that any company, for being such and for a long time, must be sustainable and act in a responsible way.

 Thus, the sustainability must not be attribute of the company but a company forecast, which is the difference between a business and a real organisation which wants to maintain and last.

 Likewise, a company which would not act in a responsible way, could not be sustainable. To be responsible is to be able to adapt to the circumstances, schedule the future, invest in a sensible way, avoid mistakes, create a work environment which attracts talent and take care of the efficiency of the production process. 

 One only company cannot change the world, but a company itself can help to improve the world with those who are related to it. The people who work in this company believe in a free world, an efficient world, a world with economic resources evenly distributed, a world  and a society with respect with the environment and a world and a society where the profit is the result  of a well done job and judicious decisions, effort and continuous improvement. In Acerinox we believe that if we comply with these principles we will guarantee our sustainability in the long run and the satisfaction of the interests of our employees, shareholders and all the groups related to us.

 More than 40 years of corporate history, an investment program which is maintained even in tough times, an expansion over five continents, shareholders who have always supported the company strategy, loyal customers and suppliers, a staff who is highly loyal, who show by themselves, from the very beginning, how the intention of those who manage the company and its shareholders have been to endure in the time – which is to be sustainable – but nevertheless I invite all to go on reading the following sections, where we will deeply explain the different aspects of our activity, our concerns and our wishes, of the company we and want to be, of that which we have and that we wish to be in the next generations.