Donald Johnston



G. Donald Johnston joined Acerinox as an External Independent in 2014. Of North American and British nationality, he has a bachelor's degree in Political Science by Middlebury College and a master's degree in International Economics and Latin American Studies by the Johns Hopkins University.


He is currently an independent Board Member of Merlin Properties Socimi, S.A. and Banco Sabadell S.A. and, throughout his career, he has held positions such as European President of the M&A Group of Deutsche Bank, S.A., Board Member of Bankers Trust International PLC and member of its Global Executive Committee.


He has also worked as Managing Director at the New York and London offices of Salomon Brothers PLC. Mr Johnston has over 35 years’ experience in investment banking in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

  • Member of the Board of Directors since 29 October 2014. Owner of 6 shares (31 december 2016).
  • External Independent