Bernardo Velázquez Herreros


Bernardo Velázquez Herreros, an Industrial Engineer through ICAI, is the Acerinox CEO.

Since he joined the Marketing Department of Acerinox in 1990, he has risen through successive positions of responsibility within the company, gaining over 29 years’ experience in the international stainless steel trade.

On his return to Spain in 2005, following his experiences in Mexico and Australia, he took up the positions of Assistant Managing Director, Chief Information Officer and Corporate Planning Director. In 2007 he was named Managing Director, a position he held until his appointment as CEO in July 2010.

In addition, he was Chairman of Bahru Stainless (Malaysia) and he is currently Chairman of Acerinox Europa S.A.U. (Spain), North American Stainless (USA). He is also Chairman of the  International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF), Chairman of UNESID (Spanish Association of Iron and Steel Companies) as well as a board member of World Steel (International Association of Steel Manufacturers).

  • Member of the Board of Directors since 2010, re-elected in 2014 and 2018. CEO since 2010. Owner of 19,995 shares (31 december 2018).
  • Executive Director