Manuel Conthe Gutiérrez



Manuel Conthe Gutiérrez has a bachelor's degree in Law by the Autonomous University of Madrid and joined the Body of Commercial Experts and State Economists in 1978.

He is a columnist for the Expansión newspaper and President of its Advisory Board. He has been President of the Spanish Stock Market Commission, Vice-President for the Financial Sector of the World Bank, Secretary of State for the Economy, Director General of the Treasury and Financial Policy and Director General of Foreign Transactions.

He has also been a partner of the Analistas Financieros Internacionales, S.A. consultancy company and Economic Advisor of the Spanish Representation in the European Union.

  • Member of the Board of Directors since 9 June 2011. Re-elected in 2015. Owner of 4,241 shares (31 december 2016).
  • External Independent