Roldan, S.A.

Roldan, S.A. manufactures stainless steel long products. Product range includes bars, wire rod, angles, flat bars and reinforcing bars.

Roldan's factory is located in Ponferrada, Leon. In 1.995 was started an ambitious plan of investments, culminated in 1.999, of 8,734 million pesetas, that has practically doubled the production capacity. Owing to the greatest investment done in the factory, around 23 million euros in 2006-2007, an important energy save and a high reduction of CO2 emissions was done linking both hot rolling mills using a single preheating furnace.

Roldan has two hot rolling mills:

  • Profiles Rolling Mill: For the complete range of angles (from 20x20x3 to 100x100x13mm), bars from 35 to 130 mm diameter and hot rolled flat bar.
  • Wire Rod Rolling Mill: For coils up to 2.400 kgs of weight and from 5,5 to 41,5 mm in diameter.

At the finishing shops:

  • Annealing Furnaces.
  • Pickling Continuos Baths.
  • Straightners, Smooth-Turners and Polishers for Smooth Turned bars (usually from 25 to 130m diameter).
  • Combined Continuous Machines (straightening – cut - polishing) for cold drawn bars (from 2 to 30mm diameter).
  • Centerless Grinding Machines for the whole range of bars from 2 to 85,72mm diameter with h8 tolerance.
  • Equipment for Chamfering bars.
  • Defects and crack detectors for bars.
  • Profiles finishing in continuous, straightening , shoot blasting, pickling- inspection and packing.

Among the manufactured products it is necessary to highlight the free cutting steel types in bar and wire rod, in AISI 303 and those of Improved Machinability ROLDAMAX.

In angles Roldan, S.A. is among the three biggest world producers.

Furthermore, concerning reinforced products, Roldan, S.A. is one of the pioneer and leader factories in the market.

The factory of Roldan complies with ISO 9001.

There is a Quality Policy available for your consult

Roldan factory video