General News

  • 14-12-18

    Acerinox Europa rewards its employees’ best ideas with the 2018 Rafael Naranjo Awards

  • 30-11-18

    Acerinox Europa receives the Citizens Award in acknowledgement of its commitment to Andalusia

  • 22-11-18

    The Connected Industry Observatory awards recognises the most innovative ideas for its replicability and job creation

  • 15-11-18

    Acerinox supports young Spanish researchers in the Comfuturo programme

  • 08-11-18

    The longest bridge in the world, linking Hong Kong and Macao, opens containing more than 3,000 tonnes of Acerinox stainless steel

Financial news

  • 26-10-18

    Acerinox reports profits of €221 million for the first three quarters, 40% up on the same period in 2017

  • 05-10-18

    Acerinox makes a strategic move towards Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

  • 04-10-18

    Acerinox highlights, during its Capital Markets Day, the good performance of demand and the advantages of its global position

  • 02-10-18

    Acerinox holds its ‘Capital Markets Day 2018’ in its Campo de Gibraltar plant

  • 27-07-18

    Acerinox improves its quarterly results