Acerinox joins the FTSE4Good index of socially responsible companies

FTSE4Good has included the Acerinox Group in its global index of responsible companies that demonstrate strong environmental, social and governance practices.

This selection recognises those companies which work for environmental sustainability, development of positive relations with stakeholders and support and preservation of human rights, practices all of which Acerinox is especially committed to.

This index allows responsible investors to identify and invest in those companies which comply with the globally recognised corporate responsibility standards. Also, it provides asset managers a socially responsible investment indicator and a tool for developing products and allows investors to capitalise the benefits of good corporate governance (such as eco-efficiencies, improving brand image, etc.)


  •         GRI recognises the commitment to Sustainability

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), in its G4 version, has recognised the commitment of Acerinox to Sustainability and the Environment validating its compliance for the fifth consecutive year.

This is also the first year in which Acerinox includes the totality of the factories of the Group (EU, America, Africa and Asia) in the GRI revision. In the four previous reports the company reported the plants located in the European Union having considered it a pioneering area in the defence of social justice, human rights and environmental quality.

The company therefore demonstrates very uniform environmental standards, work quality, safety, promotion and training globally.


  •         PWC audits the Sustainability Report

Acerinox has audited its Sustainability Report for the first time. The revision, carried out by PriceWaterHouseCoopers, has been included in the Annual Report, published and available to all those interested on the website: