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Londres, 8 de Noviembre de 2011

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Market overview and quarterly results 280 KB ???key.parrafo.adjunto.format???pdf
Columbus: Raw materials efficiency 15821 KB ???key.parrafo.adjunto.format???pdf
NAS: A reference in the stainless stell industry 3598 KB ???key.parrafo.adjunto.format???pdf
Reorganization of Acerinox Group structure 477 KB ???key.parrafo.adjunto.format???pdf
Acerinox Europa: The best balanced plant in Europe 2998 KB ???key.parrafo.adjunto.format???pdf
Commercial challenges in the current scenario 4347 KB ???key.parrafo.adjunto.format???pdf
The premium remains justified 936 KB ???key.parrafo.adjunto.format???pdf
Focus on strategy 2611 KB ???key.parrafo.adjunto.format???pdf