Acerinox celebrates its Safety Week in commemoration of World Steel Safety Day

With the motto “Our People, Our Priority: Safety First”, Acerinox shall promote activities in its offices and production centres on the five continents. From yesterday until Friday 30 April, specific daily training activities will be held at each plant, selected on the basis of the main causes of accidents in the steel industry.

To commemorate World Steel Safety Day and World Day for Safety and Health at Work proclaimed by the United Nations on 28 April, Acerinox is celebrating its Safety Week with specific activities and information for employees and contractors on all five continents.

With the motto ‘Our People, Our Priority: Safety First’, every day during Safety Week, from yesterday until 30 April, activities will be carried out with the participation of employees: reminder messages and advice will be issued through different channels, and audits will be carried out in order to identify risks, based on the main causes of accidents in the steel industry, and corrective actions will be implemented.

In addition, information will also be distributed to the employees of the contractor companies in order to invite them to join these initiatives.

All these activities will be accompanied by commemorative gifts, storytelling competitions, with prizes being rewarded to the best ideas, and other similar initiatives to encourage staff participation, with continuous communication through internal communication channels. 

With this campaign, Acerinox is once again focusing on its main priority: people's health and safety. It is a concept that goes far beyond the workplace and encourages people to change unhealthy habits and routines, to exercise and be physically active on a regular basis.