Acerinox collaborates in the presentation of the new Design Manual: ‘100 years of stainless steel’

The Group has collaborated, along with other European stainless steel manufacturers, with technical advice and financial support In cooperation with the European Commission, the report highlights the wide range of structural applications made from this material

Acerinox has collaborated with technical advice and financial support, together with other European manufacturers, in the preparation of the new ‘Design Manual of structural stainless steel: 100 years of stainless steel: Advantages and uses of stainless steel as a sustainable structural material of the future’, the presentation of which took place at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

The report, a result of a project by different organisations in collaboration with the European Commission, highlights the use of stainless steel in a wide range of structural applications in aggressive environments in which a guarantee of adequate performance over long periods of time with minimum maintenance levels is required. 

Stainless steel has continuously grown as a structural material for decades thanks to its resistance, lightness, ductility and versatility, properties all of which have been particularly emphasised.

The ‘Design Manual: 100 years of stainless steel’ also includes the latest regulatory changes in the sector as well as more technical aspects. Amongst them it is worth highlighting the calculation of cross sections, elements, unions and the calculation at high temperatures, as well as calculation methods which consider the effects of work hardening, characteristic of stainless steel. Also, it is accompanied by other content such as guidelines for selecting grades, durability and manufacturing.

Acerinox is at the forefront of its sector thanks to, among other reasons, the wide range of stainless steels it offers, both in long and flat products, guaranteeing the highest standards in quality and sustainability in its structural applications as well as in the multiple uses of this material.

The manual and all the information regarding the seminars are available in several languages on the website and at