Acerinox Europa, S.A.U.

Melting Shop

The Melting Shop is equipped with following installations:

  • Three Electric Furnaces, where raw materials are melted and molten steel is obtained.
  • Two AOD Converter, where refining is made, and desired levels are achieved of several alloys elements.
  • Continuos Casting of slabs purpose of which is to convert the molten steel into solid Slabs. Continous castings of billets.
  • Melting Shop Production Capacity is 1.067.400 MT/year.

Hot Rolling Shop

Slabs are heated in a walking beam type furnace, moving then to a Roughing Mill and afterwards to a Finishing Mill where Coils are obtained.

The size characteristics of said Hot

Coils are:

  • Width: 915 – 1,524 mm.
  • Thickness: 2.00 – 10.00 mm
  • Weight: 19 Kg/mm width.

In these installations Hot Plate is also produced from 10 to 50 mm thickness, which is cut and piled up to 12m. long.

All above installations are totally automatized from Slab loading to Band Coiling or Plate Piling. There is a central computer with 7 PLC, and a TV close circuit with 27 differents points.

Hot Rolling Capacity is 870,800 MT/year.

Cold Rollling Shop

In this Shop there are the following facilities:

  • Seven “Sendzimir” Mills, where final guages are obtained from 0.15 to 6 mm thickness, and widths up to 1,525 mm, with a coil weight up to 30 MT.
  • Five Annealing and pickling lines, where the final treatment is being done, achieving the correct mechanical properties and the right metallurgical structure in the steel.
  • Three Bright Annealings Lines where heat treatment is received in an upright electrical furnace with cracked ammonia. This gives a very bright finish called BA.
  • Skin Pass Mills where a great homogeneity of the crystal grain structure is obtained and final surface brightness.
  • Tension levellers for flatness.
  • Cold Rolling Capacity rises to 600,000 MT/year.
  • Cutting lines to produce strip, sheets, flat bars and circles.

Hot Plate Shop

The following installations are in operation in this Shop:

  • Annealing and Pickling.
  • Leveller and Squaring Section with Shear up to 20 mm thicknes.
  • Plasma Cutting for a thickness range between 10-50 mm.

The factory of Acerinox complies with ISO 9001 that guarantee the quality, not only of the process of production, but of the final product as well as with ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

Process of fabrication of stainless steel in Acerinox Europa