Roldan, S.A.

Roldan, S.A. manufactures stainless steel long products. Its product range includes bars, wire rod, angles, flat bars and reinforcing bars.

Roldan's plant is in Ponferrada, Leon. There have been several investment projects over recent years, with the aim of adapting the facilities to the demands of today's market. These include merging the two hot rolling mills into one, using a single preheating furnace with significant energy savings and considerable reduction in CO2 emissions, and the modernisation of the general networks in the plant, among other improvements.

The company is now carrying out a process of digitalisation of its processes as part of the industrial revolution that is Industry 4.0.

Hot rolling mills

Roldan, S.A. has a hot rolling mill with two exits, one for coil products and the other for bar products, set up to laminate billets of up to 2.4 tonnes in weight.

Coils of up to 2,400 kg come off the coils line, among the heaviest stainless steel coils in the world, and in a range of diameters between 5.5 mm and 42 mm, with smooth, ribbed and hexagonal profiles.

In bars we laminate a complete range of angles with even legs, smooth bars from 35 mm to 130 mm and ribbed up to Ø42 mm.  


Finishing shops

In the finishing shops we have:

  •   Heat treatment furnaces and continuous pickling lines for coils and bars.
  •   Straighteners, smooth-turners and polishers to produce smooth-turned bars between 20 mm and 110 mm in diameter.
  •   Combined lines (straightening - gauging - cut - polishing) for cold drawn bars from 2 mm to 30 mm in diameter.
  •   Complete continuous finishing lines for profiles such as angles and ribbed bars.
  •   Ancillary equipment to achieve different product finishes, non-destructive quality control and a complete laboratory for testing and certification of the physical properties and composition of the steel.

Finished product

Roldan, SA manufactures products in a wide range of stainless steels, austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, 3CR12, with molybdenum, with titanium and duplex steels.

Among them, we can highlight bars for use in high machinability applications in the AISI303, AISI430F, AISI416 families as well as ROLDAMAX products with improved machinability.

Roldan, S.A. is among the three largest producers of angles in the world.

It is also a pioneer in the manufacture of various products in duplex stainless steel grade, intended for use in construction and other applications where outstanding mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance are demanded.

Roldan, SA holds a number of certifications that testify to the quality of its products:

  •   Pressure equipment regulations:

  2014/68/EU, ANNEX I, SECTION 4.3

  AD 2000 –MERKBLATT W0 (W2 and W10)

  •   Construction material:

  EC MARKING (EN 10088:5)

  Ü MARK (under Z-30.3-6)

  •   CARES certification for concrete reinforcing product:

  B6 6744 and TECHNICAL APPROVAL 5037

Also certification of the processes of the plant under ISO 9001.

You can see the Quality and integrated Environmental and Energy Management Policies on request.



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