Acerinox is one of the most competitive companies in the world in the manufacturing of stainless steels and nickel alloys. It is the most global company in the sector, with a presence on the five continents, factories on four continents and supplying to customers in 81 countries. Since its incorporation, now 50 years ago, Acerinox has been carrying out a continuous investment programme, with the development of its own technological innovations, which, in some cases, have constituted a true milestone in stainless steel technology.

Acerinox is one of the largest global manufacturers in terms of production capacity. Acerinox has three fully integrated flat product production factories: the Campo de Gibraltar factory (Spain, 1970), the first to exceed one million tonnes per year (2001), North American Stainless, N.A.S. (Kentucky, the US, 1990), also fully integrated since February 2002, and Columbus Stainless (Middelburg, South Africa), which became part of the Acerinox Group in 2002. Since February 2008, Acerinox has had factories on four continents, following initiation of the construction of Bahru Stainless (Johor Bahru, Malaysia).

Acerinox manufactures long products at the Roldán (Ponferrada, Spain) and Inoxfil (Igualada, Spain) plants, as well as at its long product workshops at NAS.

In March 2020, Acerinox completed the purchase of VDM Metals, thus becoming the Group’s newest company. VDM Metals is a global leader in the development and manufacture of special nickel alloys and high performance stainless steels, and is recognised as a benchmark for R&D&I in the sector. The VDM production network, formed of four factories in Germany and two in the US, has thus been merged with the Group’s capacity.

The Acerinox Group sells these stainless steel products all over the world through a commercial network present in 57 countries on five continents. This network is formed of 35 commercial offices in 31 countries, 15 commercial agents that serve 26 states, 18 service centres and 25 warehouses.