Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is the difference between a business and a true organisation with a desire to continue functioning and withstand the test of time.

Likewise, a company that does not act responsibly cannot be sustainable. Being sustainable involves adapting to the environment, foreseeing the future, investing wisely, avoiding errors, creating a working environment that attracts talent and being mindful of efficiency in the production process.

One single company cannot change the world, but it can help the world to be a better place for those with whom it interacts. The people who work in this company believe in a free world, an efficient world, a world where economic resources are distributed equally, a world and a society that respect their surroundings, and a world and a society where the benefits are the result of a job well done, sound decisions, endeavour, and continuous improvement. At Acerinox we believe that if we uphold these values, we will guarantee our sustainability in the long term and service the interests of our employees, shareholders and all the collectives associated to us.

More than 40 years of corporate history, an investment programme that has been maintained even during troubled times, expansion into five continents, shareholders who have always supported the Company’s strategy, loyal customers and suppliers and a highly loyal workforce illustrates single-handedly how, from the beginning, the intention of those who have managed the company and the shareholders thereof has been to withstand the test of time - that is what being sustainable is all about. Nevertheless, we invite you to continue reading the following sections, in which we cover each of the different facets of our activity, our concerns and our ambitions, the company we are and the company we want to be, what we have and what we want to leave to future generations. 

Non financial information report 2018