ACERINOX in the University

ACERINOX gave the first of several courses aimed to technical students


Last Wednesday 16th February CEDINOX, in cooperation with ACERINOX, gave the first of several courses to be held all over Spain.  This first course was given in ICAI, Madrid (Comillas Pontifical University).

Our aim is to inform the engineering and architecture students about the main characteristics of stainless steel families (austenitics, ferritics, martensitics and duplex), and basic technical knowledge about manufacturing, welding, conformability, applications and anti-corrosive properties.

Shortly we will be in the Valencia Polytechnic University, Sevilla Polytechnic University, Zaragoza Polytechnic Centre, Logroño Industrial Engineering School, Bilbao Engineering School, Mondragón Polytechnic University and other Universities in the following schools years.