ACERINOX in the project AVANZA Premisa-6D

ACERINOX S.A. develops, in cooperation with TGA, S.L. and Terrain Technologies, the project AVANZA Premisa-6D
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This project aims to achieve a 3D platform, scheduled in a open and multi-user environments (virtual world) where risk situations can be practiced on site in the steel industry. The project includes the construction in 3D of a great part of the factory in which facilities risk situations for persons and equipment that could arise during the production process. All developments and the introduction of parameters that determine the various hazards (fires, explosions and leaks) are done according to engineering criteria.

For the platform development of the platform all the security procedures established for ACERINOX factory near Algeciras will be considered. They may be implemented within a virtual world created for that purpose, where the interaction its among the participants, environment and the events (fires, explosions or leaks) will be at the highest level.

Among the main features of the platform Premise-6D we can highlight the multiuser nature, it’s very high graphic quality (highest level of realism) and versatile approach almost completely open. This will allow users to implement their previous knowledge on techniques intervention (individual and team performance) and even the commission of mistakes. The activity of all participants will be recorded for subsequent assessment.

The project Premise-6D, financed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, whithin its National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011 (IST-020100-2010-1087), has been selected by beating strong competition from nearly 1,200 projects, of which only 182 were approved, highlighted its high degree of innovation and technical quality.