Acerinox Group extends its production range of special stainless steels with the incorporation of the family of Duplex steels

Acerinox Group has a long experience in the  production of special stainless steels, such as special ferric grades, which already mean more than 30% of the whole production. Recently, the company has developed the manufacturing of the main duplex grades consumed in stainless steel flat products market.

The wide experience achieved during the last ten years in the production of these steels for long products, makes Acerinox to become a leader in the knowledge of fusion, rolling and transformation, both hot and cold, of these products of high added value.

The duplex grades consumption is in full development. These steel types mean, approximately, 2% of the stainless steel world consumption and it is foreseen that the market will reach high growth rates in the next years.  From now on Acerinox will offer a wide range of manufacturing measures both in hot and cold rolled products of these kind of steels, which can only be supplied by a reduced number of companies in the world.

The duplex stainless steels combine a good resistance to corrosion with high mechanical features. Its range of application is very wide, mainly in capital goods, energy, offshore platforms, transport, desalination plants, tanks, chemical industry, etc.  Regarding long products, it is to be highlighted the increasing use  of reinforcing bars for concrete.  All these applications will be highly developed in the next years.  

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