First Board of Directors of ACERINOX EUROPA

ACERINOX EUROPA starts today its corporate operation with its first Board of Directors held in the Campo de Gibraltar factory.
After its incorporation on the 1st December, ACERINOX senior management has travelled to the factory to highlight its significance within the world structure of the Group and to support the investment plans approved for a total amount of 51 million euros.
The Board of Directors consists of five persons, all of them are members of ACERINOX senior management.
Mr. Bernardo Velázquez ( Madrid, 1964) has been appointed Chairman of the new company and he is also Chief Executive Officer of ACERINOX GROUP. Mr. José Luis Masi (Madrid, 1947), which is member of the senior management and director of the Campo de Gibraltar factory, will take the position of ACERINOX EUROPA Chief Executive Officer.
This Board of Director is the culmination of ACERINOX GROUP reorganization, which involves the modernization of its commercial structure and the boosting of the Group culture.
The Company challenges for the near future are to go on improving its competitiveness, performance, quality and answer times, which have placed the company as the world leader in the stainless steels manufacturing.
With the new structure, the Campo de Gibraltar factory will be able to show its efficiency and productivity with equal conditions as the rest of the Group factories.
In this sense, as a prove of the company commitment with the excellence, the Board of Directors has agreed to create a new award to reward the employee – or group of employees – who contribute ideas which allow to improve the quality or the product features, capable of being put into practice. The prize will consist of 12,500 euros for the winner/s and 7,500 euros for the finalists and will be held on annual basis.
Likewise, it has been decided to unify the Environment and the Safety prizes in one only award, increasing its amount to 10,000 euros, also to be held yearly.