The validity of the labour adjustment plan for Campo the Gibraltar factory is extended

On the 22nd December the Labour Authorities have approved the temporal reduction of the working contracts, up to 50%, in the Campo de Gibraltar Factory  for the period comprised between 1st January and 30th April.

The company request and the negotiation basis had been previously supported by approximately 75% of the votes of the Factory workers enquired by the Works Committee.

The measure, which will affect 1754 people out of a whole of 2293, is the extension of a similar measure in force during 2009, although, in fact, the number or worked hours during the elapsed period have been widely higher than the minimum authorised of 50%.

Staff reductions have not been requested, like the proceedings in force during year 2009, because there is trust in a market recovery.

Likewise, the subsidiary ROLDAN, S.A. located in Ponferrada has obtained the authorisation for a similar measure, although is validity will be extended until the end of 2010.