Acerinox and the A LA PAR Foundation unite to collaborate in the integration of people with intellectual disabilities

Bernardo Velázquez and Almudena Martorell, CEO of Acerinox and President of the ALAPAR Foundation.

The President of the A LA PAR Foundation, Almudena Martorell, and the CEO of Acerinox, Bernardo Velázquez, have signed a collaboration and cooperation agreement, joining efforts and resources to establish joint actions and activities to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities.

All the Acerinox Group's Senior Management visited the headquarters of the A LA PAR Foundation, demonstrating their commitment to and support for this agreement. During the visit, the Group's directors were able to see first-hand the wide variety of actions and activities carried out at the Foundation and the efficiency and professionalism with which people study and work at its facilities. “This is a significant step for our company, encompassed within the framework of our strategic Sustainability plan and our desire to continue contributing to the creation of a fairer and more caring society”, affirmed Velázquez.

Almudena Martorell highlighted that “the total involvement of the Acerinox Management Team and the time dedicated by the CEO, Bernardo Velázquez, to get to know intellectual disabilities and our projects closely, is a spectacular example of this new stage of CSR at Acerinox, which is increasingly closer and more committed to projects. And in our case, it is a magnificent example of how intellectual disabilities and business are becoming closer every day".

In the coming months, various joint initiatives will be launched, including joint training courses between the two entities, an employment plan whereby Acerinox will commit to integrating people with intellectual disabilities into its workforce and the possibility of offering Acerinox employees the chance to participate in volunteering activities at A LA PAR's facilities. In addition, A LA PAR will become a new supplier of certain goods and services selected from the wide variety of collaboration possibilities offered by the Foundation.

During its more than 50 years of history, Acerinox has been committed to societal good and equity and inclusion, taking care of its stakeholders and creating a product that improves the lives of citizens. With this agreement Acerinox demonstrates once again this commitment, joining a Foundation that, for more than 70 years, has been working for the full inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in society.

About the A LA PAR Foundation:  

The A LA Par Foundation works admirably for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, for their rights and their participation in our society. The Foundation believes that this will make our world richer and more diverse. Based on this mission, the Foundation has grown both in terms of the number of services and the number of people assisted, currently approximately one thousand, and employs almost 500 people.

It provides support in those areas where people with intellectual disabilities encounter barriers to their participation: education, employment, housing, leisure, sport, health, justice, etc. It also seeks to promote a solid network of bridges in all areas of society so that people with intellectual disabilities are increasingly involved in society.

Created in 1948, its trajectory over the years has made it a national and international benchmark in the field of intellectual disability today. Its greatest endorsement are these more than 70 years of exemplariness and commitment to the dignity of people. It fights for a better world: it is convinced that this is an attainable ideal.