Acerinox reaffirms its commitment to transparency by strengthening its Prevention and Compliance departments

• The current Risk Director has been appointed as Risk, Prevention and Compliance Director • The Board of Directors recently approved the Group companies' Crime Prevention Model

Acerinox aims to position itself at the forefront of corporate transparency and has decided to strengthen its Prevention and Compliance department in order to make every possible effort to prevent improper practice.

To this end, the company's Board of Directors recently approved the 'Acerinox Group companies' Crime Prevention Model', which establishes the obligation to "adopt and implement an organisational and management model which will include the ideal control and monitoring measures for preventing crimes being committed within the company or for significantly reducing the risk of their being committed".

The document was conceived as a compilation of standards, procedures and other specific control measures which will provide a reasonable assurance that the risk of hypothetical crimes being committed which could affect Acerinox Group companies in Spain are properly identified, documented, evaluated, controlled and mitigated. This document is to constitute one of the elements of the Acerinox Group's Corporate Governance System.

To this end, Acerinox has decided to appoint the current Risk Director, Juan Carlos Carrascosa, as new Risk, Prevention and Compliance Director. In the performance of his duties, Carrascosa will be assisted by a Committee composed of experts from different departments, which will provide support and advice in this endeavour.