Acerinox returns to the Ibex 35

The Ibex 35 Technical Advisory Committee announced this afternoon the inclusion of Acerinox S.A. on the list of most traded companies on the Spanish stock market. The company will once again form part of the index from 22 June onwards, just over one and a half years after leaving it.

Rafael Miranda, the Chairman of Acerinox, and Bernardo Velázquez, its CEO, stated that “this is very good news which will give greater liquidity and visibility to the company. We were hoping for and looking forward to this decision, because we had fulfilled all the technical requirements with regard to liquidity and accumulation of capital, but we were also driven by tradition and our desire to contribute to increasing the strength of Spanish industry, of which we are a worthy representative, in the index”.

Acerinox has complied, comfortably in some cases, with each of the requirements necessary for forming part of the index and, in the assessed period (1 December 2014 to 31 May 2015), submitted capital stock with a coefficient of 0.50% on the Ibex 35 (the criterion establishes a coefficient higher than 0.30%).

Furthermore, the volume of Acerinox funds traded during the above six months stood at 1,931,620,033 euros, a figure higher than those of four of the companies belonging to the index.

Acerinox, the leading Spanish company on the world stainless steel market, is the largest manufacturer in the West in terms of steelmaking capacity and the only one to have factories in four continents, as well as having a sales network in 36 countries in five continents, allowing it to conduct sales in 83 states.