Acerinox rewards the best ideas of its employees with regard to Progress, Safety and the Environment with the ‘Rafael Naranjo Awards’

Last Friday, Acerinox Europa published the projects which won the “Rafael Naranjo” Awards 2015 for Quality in Progress, Safety and the Environment. These awards are presented by Acerinox to reward the best ideas its employees come up with, aimed at cost reduction and excellence in production processes.

 The Technical Project Assessment Panel was led by the director of the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Algeciras, as well as 6 members of the Company and the Chairman of the Works Council. The panel was asked to assess and classify the 20 projects which were presented. This year’s prizes were worth 45,000 euros. 

The first prize for Quality in Progress, worth 15,000 euros, was awarded to José María Bianchi Pérez, for his project ‘Energy savings on the cold rolling mill when in operation’.

Second prize went to the work ‘Installation of an auxiliary braking system at flange 0 for the final annealing processes in AP2’, by Francisco García Montero. This prize was worth 10,000 euros.

The panel awarded third prize to Fernando González Bayo for his project ‘Oil retaining system for the ZM5 production line’, which was worth 5,000 euros.

 The Commission also made a special mention of the finalist project ‘Cleaning system for lower support rollers of flatteners’, written by Francisco Fernández Jiménez.

Moreover, the Safety award went to José María Gómez Muñoz and Conrado Ángel Montoya Avilés for their project ‘Blade changing on the Sheet Line’. This award consisted of 1,000 euros as a single prize.

The members of the Panel also wanted to make a special mention of the finalist project of Antonio Chacón Moreno, submitted with the title 'Proposal for the prevention of occupational risks and damage to property. Installation of a vision improvement system in mobile machines.’

The Environment prize went to the project, ‘Elimination of acid and nitrate spills caused by overflow of AP2 pickling tank no 1’, by Francisco García Montero. This was a single prize worth 5,000 euros.

 The objective of the Quality in Progress award is to reward ideas and projects which boost improvements in overall quality in the production process, while the awards for Safety and the Environment seek to highlight ideas and projects which promote real improvements in environmental and safety conditions in the factory.

With these awards, Acerinox Europa has reaffirmed its drive for business excellence, and its recognition of the commitment of its factory workers to Product Quality, Safety and the Environment.