Acerinox supplies the stainless steel which is used to build the spires of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Stainless steel has been chosen because of its durability, its high resistance to corrosion and the savings it represents in maintenance costs

The Acerinox Group supplies stainless steel to build the spires of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, which will be the highest building in the city (174 metres). This material has been chosen due to the need for durability in a structure where access is difficult.

Given the difficulty and high cost that any future maintenance operations would involve as a consequence of the rusting of a conventional steel frame, those in charge of the project have placed their trust in the steel produced by Acerinox.

The top of the emblematic construction, one of the icons of the Catalan capital, designed by Antonio Gaudí (Reus, 1852 – Barcelona, 1926) at the end of the nineteenth century, will be finished with 2205 duplex stainless steel grade (EN 1.4462). It combines high pitting corrosion resistence, which is very necessary in areas close to the sea, high mechanical properties which provide resistance and greater lightness to the different modules which are being constructed.

The corrugated bars which will form the structure are produced in the Roldán plant, one of the two long product factories which the Acerinox Group has in Spain and which has on other occasions already supplied material for the construction.

Stainless steel is very present  in the church, forming part of the tensors and connectors of the immense modular panels of the spires, the auxiliary anchor bars and the supports which hold the stone and the profiles, as well as the interior structures which form the irregular stone mosaics.

The Expiatory Church of the Sagrada Familia is a Spanish architectural symbol around the world. Its construction commenced in March 1882 and is expected to end in 2026, the year marking the centenary of the death of Gaudí.

The Sagrada Familia is a perfect example of how a material like stainless steel, which is contemporary, versatile, 100% recyclable, machinable, transformable, durable and resistant, can solve important problems in emblematic constructions.

In the next edition of the Cedinox magazine in June 2018, more information will be provided on the use of stainless steel in this church.