Agreements adopted in the General Shareholders Meeting of Acerinox, S.A.

The General Shareholders Meeting, held on June 10th, 2014, with an attendance quorum of 77% adopted, among others, the following agreements:

1. Approval of the Annual Accounts and the Directors’ Report of Acerinox Consolidated Group that obtained a result after taxes and minorities of 22 million euros.

2. Application of the results after taxes obtained by Acerinox, S.A. amounting to -4.7 million euros.


* PROFIT AFTER TAXES 2013 -4,688,892 €


PREVIOUS YEARS -4.688.892 €

3. Increase the company´s capital with a charge to reserves, by issuing new shares worth a nominal value of 0.25 euros per share. They will be of the same type and series which are currently in circulation (to execute a “scrip dividend”).

4. Re-election of Mr. Bernardo Velázquez as Executive Director of the Company.

5. Re-election of Mr. Santos Martínez-Conde as Domanial Board Director, representing Corporación Financiera Alba.

6. Re-election of Mr. Mvuleni Geoffrey Qhena as Domanial Board Director, representing IDC.

7. Appointment of Mr. Javier Fernández as Domanial Board Director, representing Corporación Financiera Alba.

8. Ratify the appointment of Mr. Rafael Miranda as Independent Director.

9. Ratify the appointment of Mrs. Rosa María García as Independent Director.

10. Appointment of KPMG Auditores, S.L. as accounts auditors to carry out the review and legal auditing of Acerinox, S.A. and Consolidated Group financial statements for the year 2014.