Sheep´s milk cheese, stainless steel throughout its process

The careful preparation process goes through a good selection of milk and a rigorous quality control.

Sheep cheese is made from raw sheep's milk that is pasteurized to eliminate the pathogenic germs, after which it is fermented and coagulated. Once this process is finished, the already curdled milk is cut, batted, heated and filled inside molds for subsequent pressing.

Stainless steel, always in the production process of Sheep Cheese, guarantees optimum cleaning conditions and its resistance to corrosion makes the transfer of elements practically null, which ensures the non-toxicity of food substances and the preservation of all the organoleptic properties.

For “Agrícola la Merced”, cheese factory in La Mancha, the elaboration of its cheeses is a very meticulous process of 8 steps, where cleaning prevails.  Its factory facilities, built in stainless steel manufactured by Acerinox Europa and supplied by Inoxcenter, maintain the quality standard of its production.

Every day international standards are more demanding, as regards the sanitary conditions of production in the food industry, starting from the origin of the raw material, so it is important to have appropriate facilities with the right material.

Stainless steel meets all reliability requirements for proper sanitary production.