The Campo de Gibraltar factory welcomes the ‘5th Acerinox Chair Seminar’

The facilities of Acerinox Europa at the Campo de Gibraltar factory today held its ‘5th Acerinox Chair Seminar’ with the title ‘Stainless Steel: a World View’.

The seminar, organised in conjunction with the University of Cádiz (UCA), through the Algeciras Higher Polytechnical School, was opened by plant managers and featured the the participation of some its most important members, such as the Laboratory Coordinator for Corrosion at Acerinox Europa, Victoria Matres, and other industry representatives.

 Among the speakers was the Director of the Environment, Energy and R+D+i of the Steel Manufacturers' Union (UNESID), Santiago Oliver; the Technical Secretary of the Spanish Steel Technology Platform (PLATEA), Roberto Castelo; and the Technical Director for the Centre for Stainless Steel Research and Development of Spain (CEDINOX), Luis Peiro. Those in attendance had the opportunity to hear the experiences of Acerinox's customers, thanks to the intervention of leading companies in Andalusia in their sectors, such as Portinox or Herpasur.

The speakers began by exploring general issues such as 'Stainless in the global context of steel' or 'Technological challenges of Stainless Steel’, to delve afterwards into more specific areas such as 'Stainless Steel against Corrosion’ or the 'Applications of Stainless Steel’. Lastly, presentations were given within the areas of innovation and new products, related to 'The manufacture of cylindrical stainless steel containers' and other new ideas, such as 'Designing with Stainless: Tanks’.

At the end of the course, the attendees received a first-hand look at production processes with a guided tour of the factory.

20-hour training course on steel for Industrial Engineering students

The act coincided with the end of the course given by Acerinox Europa's experts in collaboration with the Engineering Master's programme of the Algeciras Higher Polytechnic School.

As part of the course on Technical Metals and Materials Technology, students received 20 hours of training during their final week, in which they explored areas related to the manufacture of stainless steel, which were complemented by a tour of each part of the process (milling, hot-rolling and cold-rolling). The entire experience enjoyed by the students forms part of the Acerinox Chair, which was created 10 years ago to foster collaboration between Acerinox and the UCA.

Thanks to this proximity to the professional world, students have a greater understanding of the stainless steel industry, which helps them put the theory they learn into practice.

The company is highly satisfied with these initiatives and hopes to continue developing them in future courses.