The President of the Regional Government of Andalusia visits the Factory of Acerinox in Campo de Gibraltar (Cádiz, Spain)

Ms. Susana Díaz visited today Acerinox Europa facilities in the town of Los Barrios (Cadiz, Spain) arousing great interest because this visit is the first one of a President of the Regional Government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía) to this factory. Upon arrival at the factory she was welcomed by the CEO of Acerinox Group, Bernardo Velázquez, the Managing Director of Acerinox Group, Antonio Fernández-Pacheco, the Director of the factory, Antonio Moreno, and the Mayor of Los Barrios, Jorge Romero.

Bernardo Velázquez highlighted in his speech the importance of this event due to the support that represents for the industrial activity in the Region of Campo de Gibraltar and Andalusia.

The factory of Acerinox Europa, origin of the Acerinox Group, employs directly 2,159 people what must be added other 547 corresponding to contractor companies, being one of the main engines of employment and economic activity in the region.

Just a few companies have bet on Andalusia as much as Acerinox. Since the beginning of the crisis in 2008, Acerinox has invested in the factory 231 million euros, increasing strongly their productivity and keeping as one of the most competitive factory in Europe in its sector. For this purpose, Acerinox invested during 2013 another 6 million euros in R&D&I projects for internal development, in awards for quality and Excellence Plan, as well as in collaborations with Universities and Research Centers.

Acerinox, as the second export company of Andalusia with 740 million euros in 2013, expressed its gratitude to the President for her visit and offered to change the registered office of Acerinox Europe from Madrid to the town of Los Barrios in Cadiz, in recognition of the excellent work done by its employees and its perfect integration in the region, being an example of sustainability after 44 years of close living together.

Acerinox committed investments during the business year amounting to 10 million euros and announced the installation of a new polished line, betting clearly by the Andalusian factory.