The Secretary of State for Business visits Bahru Stainless, the Acerinox plant in Malaysia

The Secretary of State for Business, Jaime García-Legaz, as a representative of the Government of Spain, recently visited the Acerinox factory in Malaysia, Bahru Stainless, where he was welcomed by the company CEO, Oswald Wolfe, and the board of the plant. 

In addition to the Secretary of State for Business, Acerinox was visited by Mar Casanova, Advisor to the Secretary of State, María Aparici, Assistant Director General for Business Policy in Asia, Carlos Domínguez, Spanish Ambassador to Malaysia and Rafael Matos, Chief Spanish Economic and Business Advisor in Malaysia.

The representatives of the Government of Spain were able to see for themselves that Bahru Stainless constitutes one of Acerinox's major commitments for the future by means of a presentation which they attended before visiting the facility. The essential function of the new factory, located in Johor Bahru, next to the strait which separates Malaysia and Singapore, will be to supply the growing demand in the market of Southeast Asia. Phase II of the investment, focused on cold-rolled steel production, is about to be concluded. The factory is chiefly supplied with hot-rolled coil from other factories of the Group, such as Acerinox Europa and Columbus.

During his visit to the factory, at which Acerinox employs 525 people, the Secretary of State unveiled a plaque commemorating his visit to the facility.           

Bahru Stainless is the fruit of a joint venture with the Japanese manufacturer Nisshin Steel, which has been an Acerinox shareholder since it was founded.  During the implementation, construction and maintenance process, Acerinox, which has invested close to 700 million euros, has collaborated with more than 15 Spanish companies, which have provided and continue to provide different services.