The elEconomista newspaper awards Acerinox with the Best Eco 10 Stock Market Index Value

Yesterday, the Inversión a Fondo magazinefrom the elEconomista newspaper presented Acerinox with the Award for the Best Eco 10 Index Value, recognising it as the most repeated value in investment firm portfolios in 2016.

The Chief Financial Director of Acerinox, Miguel Ferrandis, collected the award and thanked the elEconomista newspaper for the recognition as well as their journalistic and reporting work. The ceremony was chaired by Sebastián Albella, the Chairman of the CNMV, together with the Director of El Economista, Amador G Ayora, and his Deputy Director, Joaquín Gómez.

In the previous Eco10 Index, a list which is drawn up from the 10 most repeated values in model portfolios of 48 investment firms, banks and brokers which operate in the Spanish market, Acerinox was the company which gained the most support since the last revision in March. In the list, as explained by the authors, Acerinox reached second place having presented results in the first quarter which confirm the strength of the stainless steel sector.