The new scrip dividend shares of Acerinox start trading in the market

• 59.29% of the stockholders have chosen to subscribe the new shares of the company.

As of today, the 5,005,253 new shares of Acerinox. S.A., issued in the form of scrip dividends as a result of the increase of paid-in capital agreed in the General Shareholder’s Meeting held on the 3rd June this year, were admitted for trading on the stock exchanges of Madrid and Barcelona.

The holders of 59.29% of the shares have chosen to acquire new shares in the company. This percentage represents a considerable increase in relation with last year, when 41.38% of shareholders chose this option.

40.71% of the shareholders of S.A decided to collect their dividend in cash, so the company acquired 106,539,278 shares for a total cost of 47,836,135.82 euros, equivalent to 0.448 euros per share (the same price as last year).