Acerinox Europa receives the Citizens Award in acknowledgement of its commitment to Andalusia

The jury highlighted the Acerinox Group’s ongoing commitment to innovation and efficiency, as well as the new investments it has made at the plant.

Acerinox Europa
Bird’s eye view of the Acerinox Europa plant in Campo de Gibraltar.

Yesterday, the Citizens Awards Association and the Audiovisual and Digital Citizen Council presented the European Citizens Award to Acerinox Europa.

The jury ruled in favour of Acerinox Europa “in recognition of its undertaking towards Andalusia and its ongoing commitment to innovation and efficiency. Acerinox Europa is conducting a new investment programme at the factory, providing direct employment for more than 2,200 people and generating more than 3,000 indirect jobs”.

The Acerinox Europa factory is one of the largest generators of employment in Campo de Gibraltar, in addition to being the second largest company in Andalusia in terms of export volume and a technological and competitive paradigm within the sector. 

The plant, which has an integral stainless steel manufacturing process, was set up in 1970, becoming a benchmark for the subsequent construction of other Acerinox Group factories. It currently supplies more than 80 countries on the five continents by means of its highly advanced and efficient production systems for the manufacture of stainless steel.

The Acerinox Group is maintaining its firm commitment to the Acerinox Europa plant; recently launching new production lines as a result of the Group’s latest Investment Plan and assigning 140 million euros in order to achieve improved competitiveness, quality and sustainability. These facilities are currently the most advanced stainless steel production lines in the world.