Acerinox Europa rewards its employees’ best ideas with the 2018 Rafael Naranjo Awards

The awards, with a total reward fund of 45,000 Euros, distinguish projects submitted by the factory workers in the Quality in the Progress, Safety and Environment categories

Today, Acerinox presented the 2018 Rafael Naranjo Awards in the Quality in Progress, Safety and Environment categories. The awards distinguish company employees who have submitted ideas to boost process effectiveness, cost savings and the excellence of the production processes, in addition to improving environmental and safety aspects.

The panel of judges was chaired by Mr Gabriel González Siles, Director of the Higher Polytechnic School of Algeciras, and made up of five other members of the Safety and Environment, Technical, Cold Rolling, Steel Mill and Hot Rolling departments, as well as the Chairman of the Company Committee.

In the Quality in Progress category, which has a total prize fund of €30,000, prizes were awarded to three different projects.

The first prize went to the project entitled “Anti-tipper mechanism for steel mill electric furnace 2”, submitted by the Acerinox mechanical maintenance group, which received €15,000.

The second prize, presented to the steel mill and hot rolling electrical maintenance group, went to the project entitled “Raising the temperature of the material at the entrance of the finisher due to the reduction of the time between passes in the blooming mill in hot rolling, which received a prize to the tune of €10,000.

The third prize of €5,000, went to the project entitled “Reduction in the consumption of argon in acx-150 and acx-160 types of steel” submitted by Juan Carlos Aguilar Carretero.

In the Safety category, a single prize of €10,000 was awarded to Jonathan J. Domínguez for his project entitled “Protection curtain and structural modifications for improving safety in the ladle opening operation”.

The award in the Environment category, worth €5,000, went to Francisco Joaquín Pérez and Aida María Pérez for their project entitled “Study of the implementation of measures to eliminate spillages in the collector coming from the unit for the separation of oils and fats in Hot Rolling”.

The event also paid tribute to the 113 workers with a period of service of 15 years and the 24 employees who completed 25 years with the company in 2018. Similarly, three workers with zero absenteeism over the last 20 years received awards.

Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Velázquez and Acerinox Europa Director Antonio Moreno thanked all the plant’s employees for their hard work and commitment.