Acerinox Europa’s management and employee representatives sign the new collective agreement for the plant

The document includes an annual 2% remuneration increase, as well as policies for balancing work and family life

This morning, Acerinox Europa’s management and the workers’ legal representatives signed the new four-year Acerinox Europa SAU Collective Agreement, which includes an annual 2% remuneration increase.

Among other measures, this new agreement also establishes social policies for employees geared towards promoting balancing work and family life, as well as new benefits to enhance education of their children.

A draft agreement was presented on 16 October and received the support of 64.7% of the votes (with participation above 80%).

Signing of this new agreement will provide the required stability for operations at the factory, facilitating the possibility of new initiatives. The Group expects it to be extended over time as a continuation of the dynamic of trust and good relations.