Acerinox awards its employees with the best ideas on Progress, Safety and the Environment with the ‘Rafael Naranjo Awards’

Acerinox Europa today presented the prizes for the winning projects of the ‘Rafael Naranjo 2017’ awards in the categories of Quality in Progress, Safety and the Environment. With these awards, Acerinox encourages and rewards the best ideas of its employees in the search for cost savings and improved exellence in production processes.

The jury was chaired by the director of the Polytechnic School (EPS) of Algeciras, Gabriel González Siles, and formed by six others from different areas of the Acerinox Europa factory. During the deliberations, the members of the jury highlighted that these awards aim to recognise ideas and projects which encourage improvement in overall quality of the production process and to highlight ideas which encourage real improvement in environmental conditions and safety in terms of the Factory.

The awards come with a total cash prize for all of the categories of 45,000 euros.

The first prize of the award for Quality in Progress, of 15,000 euros, has been awarded to the TLC Mechanical Maintenance Group, for its ‘Elimination of Mobile Platform Accidents in the finishing hot-rolling mill’ project. 

The second prize in this category has been awarded to the ‘Modification of gasifiers in the steel mill water plant pools’ project, by Francisco García Olivares, which has been rewarded with 10,000 euros. In third place in this category, the jury have awarded 5,000 euros to Juan Carlos Enríquez Baladez and Cristóbal Aguera Fernández for their project, ‘Improvements in ladels. Improvements in vents and lift arms’.

In the Safety prize category, the ‘Buzas’ project by Matías Sánchez Valentín has been awarded the winner and will receive 10,000 euros.

The award in the Environment category has been for ‘Lot Geolocation PH Measure and online monitoring to control environmental emergencies’, by Sergio Pelayo Jimeno and rewarded with 5,000 euros. In this category, the members of the Committee also wanted to give special mention to the finalist project ‘Reducing dust and smoke emissions in the steel mill by using the oxy-fuel welding extractor’ carried out by Jonathan Domínguez Vélez.

Acerinox Europa recognisestheanniversaries of 199 employees

Acerinox Europa acknowledged 199 employees at the plant with commemorative gifts for their loyalty and sense of belonging to the company. 174 of them have been with the company for 15 years and another 24 for 25 years. Also, another employee was given a gift for their zero absenteeism over the past 20 years.