Acerinox expresses its solidarity with EUR 200,000 in donations for Campo de Gibraltar in the fight against Covid-19

56 non-profit entities and associations within eight municipalities of the region have received economic contributions to alleviate the effects of the pandemic.

Since mid-March, when the gravity of the situation resulting from the pandemic became apparent, Acerinox has increased its efforts in collaborating with organisations that help those in need though its Social Responsibility Committee.

"It is our responsibility, like that of society as a whole, to help and collaborate so that those most affected by this crisis are aware of our solidarity and support," the director of the factory, Antonio Moreno, assured the Social Responsibility Committee and the members of the collaborating entities and associations.

These organisations have continually expressed their appreciation for the commitment and support of Acerinox.

In June the amount allocated to meet the needs of 24 charities totalled EUR 62,000, in addition to EUR 137,726 raised between April and May.

In addition to the economic aid to address this crisis, Acerinox Europa has also collaborated in the fight against the health crisis through the donation of more than 20,000 masks, of which 1,500 were sent directly to the Campo de Gibraltar hospital network, in addition to other personal protection equipment to stop the virus from spreading in areas of high risk, such as care homes and health centres.

“We will continue to collaborate to offer our support to those who need it most”, stated Moreno.