Acerinox highlights, during its Capital Markets Day, the good performance of demand and the advantages of its global position

More than 65 representatives from the international financial community found out from the Acerinox Management, the latest developments of the company, as well as its strategic lines

Acerinox highlighted, during its Capital Markets Day 2018, the competitive advantages of its global position, with factories on four continents, in a market context in which safeguard measures are becoming particularly relevant in different parts of the world.

The Group also emphasized, during the event held in its Campo de Gibraltar plant, the current positive demand for stainless steel in the main markets, with growth in the higher consumption sectors.

Acerinox explained to over 65 representatives from prestigious investment, analysis and banking firms from around the world, as part of its financial strategy, that it is focused on cash generation and reducing debt and financial costs.

The Group underlined the strategic benefits of flexibility and know-how and in its raw material management, as well as the advantage it has following the start-up of the new lines inaugurated in its plants in the United States (North American Stainless) and Europe (Acerinox Europa), which are the most advanced processing lines in the world.

This new equipment features the most advanced technology and monitoring and sensorization systems which allow optimizing production and forecasting performance. A project which is included within the extensive process of Digital Transformation being implemented by the Group and which resulted in another strategic idea explained during the event, given the improvement it involves in different areas.

Along with the previous presentations, Acerinox explained to those present how stainless steel will continue to be crucial in the industry of the future regardless of the technology developed and the production systems installed. The properties and benefits of this metal allow us to ensure that its use and, therefore, its consumption are guaranteed in key sectors such as the automotive sector.


During his speech, the Chairman of Acerinox, Rafael Miranda, stated that “the results for 2018 will be an improvement on those achieved in 2017, which were the best in the last decade”, an improvement “which will be verified in the third quarter”.

The CEO of Acerinox, Bernardo Velázquez, explained the strategic lines with which the company faces the current market situation. Velázquez pointed out that “our global position allows us to take advantage of opportunities wherever they arise” and he explained that “we maintain a clear line of growth and improvement in our competitiveness”. Velázquez pointed out that “we are optimistic about the evolution of the problem of overcapacity in the steel war”.

Following any issues or questions raised, the guests were able to visit the different areas of the plant and particularly the new production lines, resulting from the Group’s latest Investment Plan, which the company has allocated 140 million euros to in order to improve competitiveness, quality and sustainability