New investments at Acerinox are launched, which have the highest levels of technology and competitiveness in the world

Acerinox Europa’s new AP-5 annealing and pickling line produced its first coil yesterday, joining the productive capacity of the plant with the most advanced technological systems available in the world and a level of competitiveness which generates new quality standards. Acerinox manufactures a product with higher added value, quality and reliability and increases its productivity and cold rolling capacity.

This new equipment will also allow offering final clients thinner guages, with 1,500 mm widths, thereby increasing the range of products.

Acerinox Europa therefore increases its capacity and achieves a reduction in production costs, with decreases in maintenance costs and in consumables and supplies. The plant also has greater flexibility as regards changes in production and increases its agility to adapt to the market conditions even more, reducing costs and environmental emissions at the same time.

As a result, Acerinox increases its sales margins of stainless steel produced in the new AP-5 line, which provides a new market opportunity for the company.

With these new lines, equipped with the latest technology available, Acerinox “experiences a very important qualitative leap forward in its manufacturing process and offers its clients products with an even higher level of quality, which allows us to strengthen our position as the most global and efficient supplier of a product with a great future, stainless steel”, as pointed out by the Chief Executive Officer, Bernardo Velázquez.

An investment which is part of the Strategic Plan of the company

Last summer the SL-9 longitudinal slitting line was launched, at the beginning of March the rolling process in the new ZM-7 line commenced and the investment, of 140 million euros, is now complemented by the launching of the annealing and pickling line.

The installation of all this new equipment is part of the Acerinox Strategic Plan 2016-2020 in which rapid return investments are prioritised (five years in the case of the new AP5 line) as well as operational excellence, maximum use of capacity and financial strength.