North American Stainless (NAS), part of the Acerinox Group of companies, achieves the ISSF international award by it’s safety policy at workplace

• Bernardo Velázquez, CEO of Acerinox, has been elected as Vice Chairmen of ISSF. • Acerinox has received a mention by it’s participation in the programme for the analysis and reduction of CO2 emissions. • ISSF is committed to developing a sustainable stainless steel industry

The International Stainless Steel Forum, which is an association of the world's main stainless steel producers, has held it’s Annual Assembly held this week in Helsinki (Finland). During the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of Acerinox, Bernardo Velázquez, has been elected as Vice Chairman of the organisation and member of the Executive Committee.

NAS Exceeds One Million Hours with no Accidents and Receives the 2016 Safety Award

The CEO of Acerinox collected the 2016 Safety Award given to North American Stainless (NAS), the plant the group owns in Kentucky (USA), for its programme to reduce accident rates.

Last year, the US plant achieved a drastic reduction in its accident rate and exceeded a million hours of work without accidents. This achievement has come as a result of the measures taken at the factory, which include new control processes, briefings and sessions aimed at raising awareness about personal safety and that of co-workers.

Acerinox in the Fight Against Emissions and for a Sustainable Industry

In addition, Acerinox yesterday joined the programme developed by the ISSF with the goal of moving toward a sustainable stainless steel industry. Acerinox reaffirmed its commitment to apply the most advanced measures in taking care of the environment and the surroundings in which its plants are located.

During the Annual Assembly, the company also received a mention because of its participation in the programme for the analysis and reduction of CO2 emissions in the industry. In this regard, Acerinox has achieved constant advances in all its industrial plants.