Acerinox: 40 years of internationalization (1975-2015)

Acerinox reaches 40 years of international work and sales producing our high quality stainless steel. In 1975, after only five years from the corporate constitution,  the company inaugurated in Paris (France) its first subsidiary company out of Spain.

Indeed, Acerinox had this global business mentality since its foundation. In fact, its first fully integrated production process factory (Algeciras; Spain, 1970) was designed with 300.000 annual tones a year capacity while the consumptiom in Spain was 25.000 tones of stainless steel each year. First foreign sales from Spain started in 1973.

After that pioneering office in France, international growth of the company has been constant continuous and, after just 7 years, Acerinox had presence in three continents and six countries: France, Germany, Chile, Argentina, United States of America and Hong Kong.

Acerinox remains at the forefront looking for new emerging markets. For the last several years the Group has opened distribution companies in Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Dubai, China, Indonesian and India.

Actually, our group’s sales network was made up of 26 companies, 18 service centres, 26 warehouses and 30 sales offices, not to mention the countless sales agents in various countries which do not have a permanent office. In the past year Acerinox conducted sales in 83 countries.

In addition, it is noteworthy that the integral plants of Acerinox are distributed in four countries of four continents: Acerinox Europa S.A.U (Spain), North American Stainless, INC (EE.UU), Columbus Stainless, (Pty) Ltd (South Africa) and Bahru Stainless, Bnd (Malaysia)