Acerinox, distinguished in the major global sustainability indexes

FTSE 4Good has included the Acerinox Group, for the second year running, in its global index of companies which are committed to the environment, sustainability and corporate responsibility standards.

The index highlights the companies which demonstrate implementing effective measures in the areas mentioned and careful management of its Corporate Governance and social and environmental practices.

FTSE is a stock market index and associated data services provider and the FTSE4Good Index is an indicator of companies which stand out for their commitment to Sustainability. A standard which fund managers give increasing importance to and which they analyse as an essential part of their future investment and financing decisions.

  • GRI notes Acerinox’s commitment to global Sustainability

Acerinox has also received the compliance validation, for the sixth consecutive year, of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in its G4 version. A report which recognises the company’s commitment to Sustainability and the Environment.

Acerinox, the most global company in its sector, includes in said report data for factories on four continents which supply stainless steel to more than 80 countries. The company demonstrates uniform quality standards of work, safety, promotion and training in different parts of the world.