Acerinox runs for Human Rights in the Nelson Mandela Race 2017

Acerinox, committed to defending Human Rights and equality, sponsors and participates in the Nelson Mandela race which today covered 10 kilometres of the main streets of Madrid.

During the race, the runners were able to pay tribute to a man who dedicated his life to defending equality in South Africa at an event organised by the South African Embassy under the technical guidance of the Marathon Sports Association.

Acerinox carries out important social work in South Africa with specific programmes to combat AIDS or integration of all communities, among others, from its Columbus Stainless plant.


The company also participates in education programmes for young people. The engineers of the company, only last year, shared their knowledge with over 4,000 youngsters, in different courses, through the Chamber of Commerce and industry in Middleburg. A task which Nelson Mandela gave special importance to.

In South Africa the Group has the Columbus Stainless plant, leader with more than a 50% quota of the market on the continent and one of the most state-of-the-art stainless steel factories in the world. Columbus Stainless has 1,349 direct employees (as well as another 2,000 indirect) in the region of Middelburg. A plant with a production capacity of one million tonnes and which last year reached sales worth 729 million euros.

Acerinox is also involved, contributing to the South African society in the best way a company can: creating stable and well paid employment, generating profit for its shareholders and helping to pay our taxes in order to maintain the welfare state.