Acerinox supports Connected Industry as a sponsor of the new Comillas ICAI-ICADE Chair

- Together with ABB, DSSmith, Enagás, Endesa, Gestamp, Grupo Antolín, IBM, Indra and Pladur Gypsum, as representatives of the majority of Spanish industrial sectors.

Acerinox took part in the presentation of the new ‘Connected Industry Chair of the Comillas ICAI-ICADE University’ as a sponsor of this academic initiative.

The Company supports this forum as an exchange channel for new ideas and talent management in the search for new projects and technological applications. With this support it aims to provide the acquired experience and to progress with implementation, thanks to the constant implementation of the latest technologies and learning from the solutions adopted by other companies in the industrial sector.

Over the last few years, Acerinox has worked on data management with which a solid base to make decisions has been developed to optimise processes in all factories and to form ideas scalable in other areas of the business. Connectivity in all areas of the business is crucial in this project. Thanks to advances in this field, decisions regarding stocks, supplies, shipping orders, contracts, among other processes, can be made in real time.

Acerinox is currently studying other possibilities offering the new technologies and is working on projects focused on predictive maintenance including equipment such as intelligent sensors, Big Data techniques and networks with which it aims to study behavioural patterns of the equipment and to predict under which conditions faults occur.

As an essential part of company processes, Acerinox has invested an average of 200 million euros each year since 2008 in the acquisition of new equipment, innovations in the manufacturing plant lines, improvement of the mentioned connectivity and the management of mass data.

The CEO of Acerinox, Bernardo Velázquez, considers that the competitive advantage of this process will reside in “the optimisation of processes by means of the intelligent use of the huge amount of information we handle”.