The world association of stainless steel manufacturers recognises Acerinox with first prize in the Sustainability and New Technology categories

The ISSF has announced its annual awards, granting first prize to North American Stainless and third prize to Acerinox Europa in the Sustainability category, in addition to first prize to Columbus Stainless in the New Technology category

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has announced the winners of its awards in the New Technology, New Development, Safety and Sustainability categories during a webinar, which replaced the traditional annual ceremony and in which the North American Stainless, Columbus Stainless and Acerinox Europa plants (all part of the Acerinox Group) were winners.

North American Stainless received first prize in the Sustainability category following the development of a project in which slag is reused (once treated to recycle the ores its contains) as a construction material, transforming it into exterior tiles and paving stones. NAS has been developing this idea with a company, Truce Global, to which it has already supplied 12,000 tonnes of this material as an alternative to Portland cement; this material is even more resistant than Portland cement.

Also, Acerinox Europa won third prize in the Sustainability category for its implementation of the “LED Buildings” programme, through which an intelligent LED lighting system was installed, allowing energy savings both by reducing consumption and by adapting the lighting to usage needs.

In the New Technology category, the South African plant, Columbus Stainless, won first prize for a project aimed at developing modular constructions using 3Cr12 grade stainless steel. The project was developed with Turnkey Modular, with which a manufacturing technique was achieved that takes advantage of the considerable flexibility and precision of laser-cut construction components, thus forming an exceptionally strong exoskeleton structure. This has enabled the product to be extremely scalable without the need for intervention of other processes.

The CEO of Acerinox, Bernardo Velázquez, has expressed his appreciation for “these ISSF awards, which highlight the efforts that Acerinox is making in the field of Sustainability and R&D&i in order to reduce emissions, energy consumption and production costs, as well as to promote efficiency and create value in each of our processes”.