Acerinox Cookies Policy

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

Cookies are used to:

  • Measure how you use the website so it can be updated and improved based on your needs.
  • Remember the notifications you’ve seen so that we don’t show them to you again

1. Controller's information

Acerinox, S.A. is the owner of the domain (the “Website”).

The Acerinox, S.A. Website uses its own cookies and third-party cookies in order to provide an improved service and an improved browsing experience for users. To this end, the user is clearly and precisely informed of the cookies used, explaining below what a cookie is, what it is used for, what types of cookies are used, what their purpose is and how they can be configured or disabled if the user so requires.


2. What is a cookie and what are they used for?

"Cookies" are small files that are stored on the user's computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device with browsing information.

Cookies are essential for the functioning of the internet, providing countless advantages in the provision of interactive services, facilitating user navigation and usability of the Website.

Under no circumstances will cookies damage the device used by the user. In contrast, active cookies help Acerinox, S.A. to identify and resolve errors on the website.


3. What types of cookies are used on the Website?


  • Own cookies: cookies that are sent to the user's device from Acerinox, S.A.'s own equipment or domains and from which the service requested by the user is provided.
  • Third-party cookies: cookies that are sent to the user's device from equipment or a domain that is not managed by Acerinox, S.A., but by another collaborating entity. For example, those used by social networks, or by external content such as Google Analytics.



  • Session cookies: temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of the browser used by the user until they leave the Website; thus none of these cookies remain registered on the hard drive of the user's computer. The information obtained through these cookies is used to analyse traffic patterns on the website. In the long run, this allows Acerinox, S.A. to provide an improved experience, improving content and facilitating its use.
  • Persistent cookies: cookies stored on the user's hard drive. They are read by the Website each time a new visit is made. A permanent cookie has a specific expiry date. The cookie will stop working after that date. These cookies are used by Acerinox, S.A. to read the cookie management preferences that have been selected.



  • Strictly necessary technical cookies: cookies necessary for browsing and the correct functioning of the Website. They allow, for example, traffic, the user's session and the communication of data to be controlled.
  • Personalisation cookies: cookies that allow the user to access the service with predefined characteristics depending on a series of criteria, such as the language, the type of browser through which the service is accessed, the regional configuration from where the service is accessed, etc.
  • Analytics cookies: cookies that allow Acerinox, S.A. to quantify the number of users and thus carry out the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the Website.
  • For this purpose, the user's browsing on the Website is analysed in order to improve the range of products and services offered by Acerinox, S.A.


4. Cookies used on the Website

Necessary Cookies


Name of cookie  Supplier TID Type Expiry


HTTP 1 year

Spain HTTP Session
ROUTEID Spain HTTP Session


Statistics Cookies


Name of Cookie Supplier TID Type Expiry
_utm.gif The US Pixel Session
_utma Spain HTTP 2 years
_utmb Spain HTTP 1 day
_utmc Spain HTTP Session
_utmt Spain HTTP 1 day
_utmv Spain HTTP 1 day
_utmz Spain HTTP 6 months


Marketing Cookies


Name of cookie Supplier TID Type Expiry
NID The Netherlands HTTP 6 months
r/collect The US Pixel Session


5. How can you enable or disable Cookies?

The user may allow, block or delete the cookies installed on their device through the internet brower's settings options. If the user does not allow the installation of cookies in the browser, the website can still be viewed, although it is possible that some of the services may not be accessible and that the user's Website experience may be less satisfactory.

The following links provide users with all the information they need to modify or disable cookies in each browser.


6. User consent to the installation of cookies

Current law states that it is possible to store cookies on the devices of users accessing the Website if they are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Website. This implies that in order to store the other aforementioned cookies, it is necessary to obtain the user's consent. In this case, the user grants their consent by accepting the installation of cookies on their device through the Website's Pop-Up.

However, the user may change or withdraw their consent from the cookies pop-up on the Website or as described in the previous section of this Cookies Policy.


7. International transfers

Information collected through cookies from the following list of third parties may involve the international transfer of data:

Name of cookie



Privacy Policy


The US


The US

By accepting the cookies of these entities, the user consents to their personal data, which may be collected through the loading and reading of cookies, being transferred to the United States, a country that does not offer a level of protection comparable to that of Europe, and in which the regulations govern access by surveillance bodies and entities to the data of companies located in the United States, thereby failing to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

In the event that the user does not consent to this international transfer of data to the United States, the user must reject these cookies, and the functionalities or services offered with these cookies will not be provided or obtained.

8. More information

Learn more about Acerinox, S.A., how to get in contact and how personal data is processed through the Privacy Policy.


9. Modifications to the cookie policy

Acerinox, S.A. reserves the right to modify this Cookies Policy to adapt it to new legislation or jurisprudence.