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2024 General Shareholders' Meeting

Second call.

FY 2023

{ "name":"2024 General Shareholders' Meeting", "description":"<p>Second call.</p> <p>FY 2023</p>", "startDate":"2024-04-22", "endDate":"1970-01-01", "label":"Add to your calendar", "options":[ "Apple", "Google", "iCal", "Microsoft365", "MicrosoftTeams", "", "Yahoo" ], "timeZone":"Etc/GMT-1", "iCalFileName":"2024 General Shareholders' Meeting" }
22 April 2024

The Board of Directors of Acerinox, S.A., in accordance with the applicable legal and statutory precepts, has agreed to call the Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting of the Company, which will take place in Madrid, in the Auditorium of the Pablo VI Foundation, at Paseo de Juan XXIII number 3, CP 28040, Madrid, Spain, on April 19, 2024, at 12:00 hours, at first call, and at second call at the same place and time on April 22, 2024.

The Board of Directors has also agreed to enable the participation in the meeting by means of telematic attendance of the shareholders and their representatives, the granting of proxy and the casting of the previous vote through remote means of communication, all of this under the terms set forth in this notice.

It is also advised that the Meeting will foreseeably be held on second call on April 22, 2024 (if this is not the case, sufficient advance notice and publicity will be given).

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