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Water stewardship

Water stewardship is a relevant issue for the Group since the production of stainless steel and high performance alloys requires large quantities of this natural resource. Acerinox has water recirculation systems in its plants, as well as treatment systems to return as much water as possible to the environment in the same conditions of purity and quality.

In times of scarcity, the Group reinforces its measures to ensure the availability of this resource as well as facilitating its use by local communities.

2030 target
2030 target

Reduce specific water withdrawal by 20% by 2030, using 2015 data as a reference point. Evidence of the Group’s commitment to responsible water consumption.

CDP Agua

Acerinox achieved a B grade in its performance assessed by Water CDP.

Safety measures

The Group’s factories have strict measures in place to prevent, avoid and act should other discharges or spillages arising from the storing of other substances occur. The factories have neutralisation plants for treating acidic and basic waters, as well as emergency dams to prevent any discharges into the natural environment, and other safety instruments to eliminate any potential spillages. The tanks are equipped with a permanent secondary containment mechanism, as well as cleaning and emergency shut down services.