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Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability Master Plan

Acerinox's strategic vision contributes to the sustainable development of the societies in which it operates. This way of understanding the business from its origin is materialised in a model based on generating value for stakeholders in the present, and preserving the legacy of future generations.

The Sustainability Plan, 360º Positive Impact, responds to one of the main areas of the Acerinox Strategy, which identifies sustainability as one of its fundamental axes and includes five pillars.


Ethical, responsible & transparent governance
Ethical, responsible & transparent governance
Eco-efficiency & climate change mitigation
Eco-efficiency & climate change mitigation
Circular economy & sustainable product
Circular economy & sustainable product
Committed team, culture, diversity & safety
Committed team, culture, diversity & safety
Supply chain & impact on the community
Supply chain & impact on the community

1. Sustainability
2. ESG funding
3. Ethical behaviour
4. Transparency and
    reporting of ESG
5. ESG risks
6. Stakeholder 
    relations and

7. Eco-Efficient
8. Fight against
    climate change

  9. Circular economy
      and waste
10. Sustainable product

11. Talent & culture
12. Equality and
13. Occupational health
      and safety

14. Sustainable supply
15. Socioeconomic
      development of the
      local community

We contribute to sustainable development

Acerinox has the firm commitment to contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the United Nations, particularly via manufacturing entirely and endlessly recyclable products, while also promoting innovation, education, equality policies and fight agains climate change.


Contribuimos al desarrollo sostenible
3. Salud y bienestar
5. Gender equality
6. Agua limpia y saneamiento
8. Trabajo decente y crecimiento económico
9. Industria, innovación e infraestructura
12. Producción y consumo responsables
13. Climate Action

Responsible Procurement

Acerinox's strategic objective is to ensure that its business activity is compatible with the protection of the environment and the development of a sustainable society for future generations, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda.

To achieve this strategic goal, it is essential to evaluate and assess the business practices of our business partners. International regulations as well as the due diligence act make us co-responsible for non-compliant conduct in our value chain.

Our sustainability objectives are based on the following pillars:

To promote the development of a responsible and transparent management model with solid corporate governance and with a long-term and sustainable vision that identifies and proposes responses to new ESG challenges and opportunities.

To improve continuously our production efficiency, leading to the reduction of emissions, water consumption and other inputs, and thus allowing Acerinox to establish its commitments and objectives in the fight against climate change.

To strengthen the alignment of people with Acerinox's values, boosting their commitment to sustainability, promoting equality, developing talent and improving the organisational climate to strengthen the pride of belonging.

To be a company recognised for our commitment to local society and creating a positive community impact.

To improve the relationship with our business partners, in line with Acerinox's principles and practices.

In its procurement management model, Acerinox establishes a number of general common guidelines for all Group companies, which in turn develop their own procedures to control and guarantee a supply chain that meets the requirements included in this model and the legal and regulatory standards.

To this end, the supplier selection processes are based on the principles of openness, equality and transparency,
promoting among its suppliers similar principles that inspire Acerinox as a responsible Group.

Ethical, environmental and social principles are reflected in the approval processes, as well as in the:

General Terms & Conditions of Business

Responsible Procurement Policy

Code of Conduct for Business Partners of the Acerinox Group

This policy outlines objectives such as
Objetivos política compras 1

Including social and environmental criteria in purchasing decisions.

Objetivos política compras 2

Promoting the development and sustainable long-term growth of all entities involved in the supply chain.

Objetivos política compras 3

Promoting sustainability principles among the suppliers and contractors of the Acerinox Group.

Objetivos política compras 4

Ensuring that the selection of suppliers complies at all times with the fulfilment of the commitments acquired and the
internal rules of the Group that regulate contracting.