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Thursday April 13, 2023 |
General news
The website reinforces the messages of strategic areas such as Sustainability, Shareholders and Investors, and People now offers enhanced audio visual content with a wide range of videos, widgets, gifs, galleries and photographs, thus offering more dynamic and innovative information The company is further improving its transparency, with more accessible content and responsive navigation, making it more intuitive


The renewed website offers a new way of discovering our factories and our products, which are benchmarks in circular economy. It also places more value on our internal talent and the talent we want to attract, and enables our stakeholders to discover the attractive and stable investment opportunity we offer.

The modular structure of the new website improves the distribution and grouping of content, making it easier for the user to access information quickly and in a transparent manner, thus optimising the transmission of the corporate message. 

The new responsive website allows the user to navigate from any device, complying with the highest accessibility standards. 

The website makes a leap in content efficiency and optimisation through a wide range of audiovisual resources (including photographs, videos, widgets, infographics and gifs), to bring closer to you what the Acerinox Group does and produces.

The new website adapts the contents to the needs of each stakeholder. With a more intuitive way to navigate, access to each of our solutions and our sales and distribution network is more direct, with it standing out as the most global company in the sector with a presence in five continents and factories in four.

In the Sustainability section, Acerinox emphasises its global ESG (environmental, social and governance) commitment, detailing its strategy in this connection and highlighting the good practices carried out to guarantee safe and healthy workplaces. 

Another new section is People and our Human Resources: a commitment to recruitment and retention, the impact generated in the communities in which the Group is present, the fostering of training and professional development, the promotion of leadership and team management programmes and Health and Safety, the Group's main priority. 

New features also include a renewed Shareholders and Investors section, which offers relevant information for investors, as well as an in-depth economic and financial description, the company's share price, and the company’s channels of communication. 

‘Shaping a sustainable future’

The new website aims to be dynamic and constantly expanding with information, as part of a more modern corporate image and more direct content with which, as the campaign slogan says, "we will shape a sustainable future".