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At Acerinox Group we operate with Safety as a core Value, strongly believing that all incidents are preventable. Acerinox Cardinal Rules cover some of the most critical safety hazards that, historically have occur within our operations and are a basic set of tools to ensure we all go home safe every day.

Developed by our HSE staff, Acerinox Cardinal Rules provide practical support in the application of Corporate HSE Strategy and compliance with the objectives set on the ESG Positive Impact 360 Program.

All communication materials at your disposal

Booklets, leaflets, posters, stickers... Here you can find all the communication materials we have developed to explain the Acerinox Group's Cardinal Rules as well as the best photos of the 'Safety Week' held in the Acerinox Group last April.

Safety is our way of working. It is the responsibility of everyone, front-line workers, supervisors and managers, to apply these Cardinal Rules, and we are all expected to ensure that all our co-workers comply with them.

The Acerinox Cardinal Rules are not intended to replace or supersede existing local regulations or standards, but to supplement them and provide mandatory minimum requirements and expectations.